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David Spitz, Founder & CEO of BenchSights

David led the SaaS investment banking practice for Pacific Crest Securities, later acquired by KeyBank, for almost 20 years. He previously led the software practice at SoundView Technology Group and began his career at CS First Boston. David has been a part of numerous SaaS transactions, including IPOs for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, Veeva, HubSpot, Twilio, Slack, Zoom, UIPath, and DigitalOcean.

In 2010, David established the Pacific Crest SaaS Survey, which was the first benchmarking study of its kind, focused on SaaS company performance, and continues today under KeyBank, with some 500 companies participating each year. Many of the SaaS metrics definitions and industry-accepted terminology originated from this survey. David founded BenchSights in early 2021, with a vision to create a new software & data analytics platform for automating and improving the benchmarking process. BenchSights for Software Sales Compensation Planning & Performance is the first instance of the platform.

David is a three-time alum from MIT, with a BS degree in Computer Science, an MS degree in Operations Research, and an MBA from Sloan.

First Look from BenchSights

We’re excited to share some early results with you.

Surprise, Surprise… AEs Respond to Variable Comp!

Who knew? Salespeople respond to strong variable comp incentives… But by how much?

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SaaS Companies With the Most Generous Payouts Perform Best

Maybe variable compensation doesn’t matter as much as we thought? It’s a tempting conclusion but does not tell the whole store.

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What’s Different About BenchSights?

Secure and Anonymous
  • You’ll be anonymous but you’ll still be able to come back, and see your data.
  • We’ll establish a unique codename and use anonymized email to stay connected.
Data for Decision Making
  • We’ll track just the metrics which matter from a planning standpoint.
  • This is not a compensation survey; rather, it’s the data you need to mechanize decision-making.
An Interactive Experience
  • Collection of your data will be truly interactive with immediate feedback, calculation of key metrics, and delivery of a BenchSights Scorecard™.

Asked Questions

We never store real identities with the data we collect.  Instead, we assign unique codenames to our users.  Furthermore, we guarantee that no user will ever see another user’s individual data, even in anonymized form.  The analytics and views we share will always be delivered through aggregated statistics.

We need your email address so that we can stay connected and provide the rich functionality we envision for BenchSights.  Email addresses are stored in a secure, encrypted table, completely separate from your data, never accessed by our personnel, and only used at log-in to authenticate and to communicate through BenchSights AnonymailTM.

Yes, your survey stays open indefinitely. There are multiple ways to get back in. If you’re logged in, just head to the Member Dashboard (button on top right of the screen). You’ve also received an email through AnonymailTM, with a unique link to your data.

We authenticate our users with Magic Links. If you’ve logged in recently, you’ll be recognized automatically and you will see the Dashboard button on the top right of your screen. Otherwise, log in again and you’ll be reconnected with the codename we used to store all of your data.

We have been “harvesting” data from our users and producing “bite size” reports since mid-December 2021. They are available here and directly from users’ Scorecards. As our user base grows we expect to add more and richer analyses, eventually providing premium “slice-and-dice” access.

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