BenchSights Security, Confidentiality, and Anonymity Policy Last Updated: November 12, 2023

At BenchSights, we are committed to maintaining the security, confidentiality, and anonymity of our users’ data. This policy outlines how we collect and handle data, ensuring a safe and secure experience while using our services. By using our websites, dashboards, applications and services, you agree to abide by the terms of this policy.

Data Collection and Anonymity

Data Collection: We collect data, including sensitive information, from our users to provide our services effectively.

Anonymized IDs and Codenames: To ensure anonymity, we associate users with an anonymized ID or “Codename” (the “Anonymous ID”). All collected data is stored in our databases exclusively with the ID, never identifying email addresses, company names or anything else that directly reveals the user’s identity.

Internal Data Review: BenchSights and/or a designated partner (together, “We” or “Us”) will routinely review individual data, always under Anonymous ID, to ensure accuracy and integrity. This is necessary to prevent irregularities and errors.

Anonymail: In certain implementations, we use our proprietary Anonymail system – an anonymous emailing service – to allow two-way communication between users and Us, using email addresses derived from the Anonymous IDs, to facilitate review and for other purposes we deem relevant.

Mapping of Real Email Addresses to Anonymous IDs: To provide functionality for users to log in, reclaim their data, manage it , and maintain communication, we use a separate, cordoned off database, which maps real email addresses to Anonymous IDs. This table is isolated from our other systems and from our staff. Normal activity requires only access via machine/computers, for authentication and translation purposes.

Data Analysis and Confidentiality

Aggregated Analysis: All analysis performed on user data and presented to our users is always based on aggregated statistical results. We follow the principle of “minimum aggregation,” ensuring that no statistic is revealed unless it satisfies the minimum aggregation (which we will set and reset from time to time, but will always be at least 3 (three). For example, if the minimum aggregation is three, we would only show a median value statistic of populations with three or more members. This approach prevents the identification of individual users through their data.

Own Metrics: Users can view their own metrics, as knowing one’s own data poses no confidentiality concerns.

Sharing Options: Users may opt in to share their individual metrics with specified third-parties, such as their own investors, while maintaining their anonymity through Anonymous IDs. Such opt-in options are clearly identified and require action on the part of the user.

User Responsibilities

Account Security: Users are responsible for securing their account credentials and should not share login details.

Data Accuracy: Users agree to use best-efforts to provide accurate information to ensure the integrity of our data.

Reporting Suspicious Activity: If unauthorized access or suspicious activity is suspected, users should promptly inform us.

Updates to Policy

We may update this policy to reflect changes in practices or legal requirements. Revisions will be posted on our website, and by continuing to use our services, users agree to the updated terms.

Contact Us

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