AEs Perform Better When You Use Accelerators

In our previous posts, we showed that software salespeople perform better when they’re paid more – especially when the comp plan is weighted more heavily to variable compensation.

How about the use of Accelerators? How well do they work and how aggressive should you be? BenchSights provides some insights. Here’s the chart:

Median % of Quota Capacity Achieved

(Excludes Companies <$5M ARP)

*We define Modest Accelerators as a 10-20% bump in commission rates for performance over quota (e.g., from 10% to 11-12%); Large Accelerators bump commission rates by >20%.

Our data reveals that those who use Accelerators had much better median performance:

  • AE Teams with No Accelerators achieved 72% of Quota Capacity*
  • AE Teams with Modest to Large Accelerators achieved 85-89% of QC

Accelerators clearly work. But, an equally valuable insight: You don’t need to overdo it. A “modest” bump of 10-20% in commission rates may be all that’s required

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* Data measured across 43 sales teams, of which 37% used Large Accelerators, 35% Modest Accelerators, and 28% No Accelerators. QC is total ARR bookings achieved by the AE team divided by the product of (1) avg. Quota per AE and (2) avg. number of AEs